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Seeker's Path

The walkings of a wayward wolf

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(This is insanely outdated and large portions are no longer true - I will update it soon.)

I am a dreamer entrapped within a prison of his own tales, each striving for a release he cannot give them. At heart, I am a hunter, but I do not hunt. At heart, I am a writer, but I do not write. At heart, I am a leader, but I do not lead. I spend my days running within my own dreams.

I am obsessed with stories that highlight how wonderful the world can be. I love stories that involve the theme of destruction, of tearing the world apart to create something new. I am not an anarchist. I cannot find a story beautiful unless it touches on the theme of death, the culminating moment of a life which defines the tale of that life. I am not a murderer. I am also not morbid, and find morbidity (the love of death) disturbing.

I am a loner who hates being alone. My mood swings, arrogance, and eccentricities push people away, even as my sincerity, empathy, and devotion pull them in. I honestly care about others a great deal, but I am not a stable person by any means. I love sharing, especially of myself, and often share too much.

I am a humanist who places his faith in those around him. I love humanity in the general sense, and find beauty in everyone I meet. I am judgmental, it is true, but I am also understanding.

I am a reincarnasist who knows full well the purpose and goal of his current life. This knowledge does not make living it any easier, but direction is a useful tool.

I am rather fond of wolves for the dangerous beauty and natural strength they symbolize. And yet, I am a cat person, though I do not (yet) take care of one. The "Wolf" that I mention in some of my posts is an externalized personification of my subconscious id. Yes, I talk to it. Yes, that probably qualifies me as insane.

I am called by many names - Nyren, Robert, Shaiel, Shorlen, Sagaru, others. Some of them are mine, some of them are not.

I am employed by Meditech as a development programmer. I service medical information technology software written decades ago in a proprietary functional language inspired by MUMPS and Lisp. If that language doesn't frighten you, then I conclude that you are not a programmer.

I am living at 65 Garden Circle in Waltham, MA. My number is 330 331 9339 - ask for Nyren.

I am always willing to talk to someone I do not know.

I am in love with life.

(updated 1 November 2008)

(My standard LJ icon was drawn for me by an old friend as part of a commission. It is used with permission. On a side note, we don't talk anymore, but I still consider her the most beautiful person I have ever spoken with, and I very much appreciate her emotion and her art. Thank you, my friend.)